Vídeo: Nuevo efecto para KWin: Sheet

kde4-logoLa evolución de Kwin  es continua, y Martin Gräßlin nos ofrece un nuevo efecto para nuestro escritorio que proporcionará más variedad a la aparición y desaparición de las ventanas.
Como es un poco difícil de explicar los mejor es ver un vídeo:

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  1. hi guyz first of all excellent job great looking effect but im concerned about this features in a near future.

    so here are my thougth

    first kwin is by far the most 2d advanced wm ever it trully is but in 3d is hellish sloppy not even close to compiz (i have a 3 pc 1 enthusiast 1 laptop 1 gamer laptop, with amd/nvidia low med high cards but there are always issues that make me mostly to keep effects off, mostly render performance/glitches)

    i think this is because this code is kinda new in kde4 ofc nobody to be blamed is a new tech but one of the things that make me a kde lover since kde 2 is the extreme modularity and api logic inside kde all the time so my proposal is take a time to talk to the compiz guyz to create an independant C++ API for compositing render with modular plugin capabilities (i say compiz cuz they have the experience and for me works like a charm but i miss kwin 🙁 + i send the same idea to them already ofc XD) so this way anybody can create plugins using an openstandard code and DE simply make binding and integration we can all beside the DE have better plugins, better performance, faster effects delivery time and finally an standard in this matter, so plz consider it i think is a win for all of us,dev or users.

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